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    【まとめよう】How do you define People Analytics Solutions?

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People Analytics is defined as transforming how the HR team operates by meaningfully contributing to the organization's bottom line.

Sometimes the term HR Analytics, People analytics and Workforce analytics are used interchangeably. But there is slight difference in all these terms. Let’s understand this one by one.

HR Analytics ?
It deals specifically with HR metrics such as hiring time, expense per employees for training, and time until promotion. All these functions are managed exclusively by HR.

People Analytics ?
People analytics and HR analytics are almost same as it is technically applicable to people in general. The term people analytics can also be applicable to employees and as well as customers of an organization.

Workforce Analytics ?
Workforce analytics refers to all the employees of an organization; be it remote workers, freelancers, gigs workers, on-site employees and consultants.

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    HR Predictive Analytics Improving HR Strategies

    Applying a predictive model in HR teams has astonishing results on the company’s dollars. Analytics in HR enables greater and quicker decision making with the use of HR metrics. As mentioned earlier, it is on a groundbreaking level; HR predictive analysis can optimize its impact both on employees and customers, along with the overall business. HR predictive analytics gives additional leverage to HR leaders by analyzing the existing data, previous experiences, and provide them with insights on future outcomes. It also helps them in preparing for what’s to come. Predictive Analysis is Optimizing and Enhancing HR Strategies in one too many ways: Eliminate Problems that Come with Turnover Improve and Fasten the Hiring Process Redesign Retention Strategies Minimize Risk and Forecast Better to Stay Prepared Read the complete article here - http://sonisplashbi.booklikes.com/post/2011517/hr-predictive-analytics

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    What is Self Service Reporting?

    The relevance of data with the success of an enterprise goes hand-in-hand. What do we know about Self Service Reporting? Well, the data is compelling. However, it is self-service reporting that offers all the access we require to the power. Comprehensive analysis is the prerequisite for IT leaders who face challenges with data accessibility that comes with the changing infrastructure management. With Self-Service Business Intelligence, you can profess about the future of your organization and gain access to thorough analysis, reports, and dashboards. Business Intelligence (BI) solutions require individual users to be able to access reports and dashboards. The need to hire a data-scientist for every statistical move to be taken within an organization is increasingly becoming redundant. Providing users access to data to help them stay informed with the changing trends is what self-service reporting is all about. It is irrelevant as to which domain or analytical background the user belongs. Every company requires a self-service reporting tool for the kind of benefits it offers. Not only to the end user, but for IT and the company itself. Read the complete article here - https://splashbi.com/what-is-self-service-reporting/

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    『結局はキレイを求めるさ』って(>_<) って(^◇^;) キレイの対象は外見? それとも心? 因みに僕は若い頃に外見 "だけ" を追い求め痛い目に遭った経験が何度かあるので、学習し内面を求めるようになりました。 外見"だけ"を追い求めている人は 恋愛経験が無いのか。 幸い外見と心の両方がキレイな人とばかり恋愛してきたのか。 それとも学習出来ないからなのか。 追伸 出会いは間に合ってますm(_ _)m

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    あたしの暇潰しの写真館( ^-^)

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    昨日で離婚の為に実家に出戻りして2ヶ月。 離婚して1ヶ月経ってません笑 離婚原因になった不倫相手の子(元友達)は 近場の元カレと遠距離の元カレと うちの元夫と一時期付き合ってたことは 聞いてました。三股、二股する子やったんやね笑 別居初日には近場の元カレさんと 会いに行ってたことは確認済みていうか 元カレから連絡が来ました。 連絡の理由は元カノの心配笑 でその上その子は10月頃から 1月上旬まで風に勤めてました笑 2ヶ月記念か知らんけど ステーキ食べに行ったって言ってるし 今月の上旬に結婚指輪?買ってもらった 言うてるけどね、初日から半月は既婚者よ?笑 こっちはその男から 慰謝料請求してない状態よ?笑 その状態やから出来る事ね笑 精神的に離婚後もあるとは思わんかったわー! お母さんは精神的に弱ってるところやから 30日に弁護士さんと話し合いするので それまで自分の中で収めれるようにしてく。 ここには書かせてね(´・ω・`) 27日にはうちの発達障害の再検査を やってから発達障害専門の相談所に行って なんか出来ることを調べるぞ。 ほんまおかしいことしたことを2人(主に元夫) 知ってください。 楽しい2ヶ月暮らしていたんやろけど うちはお母さんらに慣れるために 頑張ってるからね笑 いつになったらお疲れ様でしたって 言えるんかな笑

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    先日の雨、下界ではシトシトな雨でしたが、天井界ではシッカリと積雪があったようです。 ようやくの白い富士山?? 水曜木曜がまた雨予報?? 富士山は更に白く輝いてくれるでしょうか? 冬の富士山はこうでなくちゃね! 今日も日本中を見守ってください。 ありがとう☆

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    田所商店で、信州味噌の味噌漬け炙りチャーシュー麺を食べました(^_^) 信州味噌のは初めてで、美味しかったので、5分くらいで完まくしました(^_^) ちょっと塩分取り過ぎかも、、

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