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    【まとめよう】Best Gadgets for Smartphones

    Smartphones have become such a big part of our lives. We use them as alarm clocks, for communication, and for payments. However, there’s more to them, and we made a list of awesome smartphone gadgets. Some look as if they came out of a sci-fi book! Check them out! Portable Video Projectors You would never imagine that the cinema could be in your pocket. Well, now with our Mini HD Projector you can enjoy a movie anywhere, amazing, right? Thanks to its visible 400 ? 600 lumens and 800:1 contrast ratio, you can enjoy a clear image, as well as being compatible with different connection ports such as AV, CVBS, HDMI and USB. A smartphone projector! This is totally cool for those who prefer watching TV shows and movies on a small screen. Turn a wall in your room into a cinema ― all you need is this amazing gadget. Thermometer Why use an old-school thermometer if you can go digital? Utilize your smartphone and this awesome gadget to check the temperature of almost anything. Game Controller Gamers will love this! A game controller that helps you battle all the enemies on your smartphone’s screen. You can check this great joystick game controller or game console case. Digital Highligher This device works as a highlighter, but it’s even better because it helps store the parts of the text you need to highlight in a digital format. So much for conventional highlighters! https://gamengeek.com/best-pc-gaming-setup-for-beginners/ Virtual Keyboard Keyboard projectors are a new hit in the smartphone gadget industry. Some of the manufacturers have even introduced phones with this inbuilt technology. Tool Case If you are a multi tasker, then this smartphone case will become your favorite gadget. It will always come in handy when you need to cut or open something. For more amazing gadgets, check https://nxtgadgets.com/

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